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I would be happy to do the Russian course, but only if it were completely in Cyrillic.

December 9, 2015



It's easily changed to Cyrillic. Just push the button to switch between Cyrillic and roman letters.


Inside of the skill, but not inside of the lesson in the skill, scroll down. You should see something that says "Tips and Notes". Look for two backwards RR. Click that and it will change things to Cyrillic. :)


Something needs to be done about this button. This topic comes up every day in Russian Discussion.


I agree... though, I'm wondering -- has the Ukrainian course had this many issues? If not, then there may be something to learn from them, I hope.


The Ukrainian course launched long before the transliteration feature appeared.


Would it be possible to include a note about this in the Tips and Notes for the first skill? After the note on how to change keyboard settings.


That's a great suggestion. You should make a separate post for it in the Russian forum. Maybe if enough folks boost it with upvotes it will get some consideration. :)


I agree: there needs to be a note about this in the first lesson because the button to switch out of transliteration - which I believe does more harm than good - really needs to be more obvious. Once you see it, you wonder how it was you couldn't find it, but as many people are having trouble finding the button means this is serious interface issue that needs to be resolved.

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