"Нам нужны тёплые вещи."

Translation:We need warm things.

December 9, 2015



In russian language if you say 'Нам нужны теплые вещи' it means that you need warm clothes, not things. 'Thing' is too abstract word for that case.

December 9, 2015


Thank you for explaining that...I wouldn't have known otherwise. ;-)

BTW, a tip for English speakers to remember тёплый: it has the same root as the English word "tepid."

December 19, 2015


That's what I thought so thank you for confirming that!

December 16, 2015


It's the same, or almost the same, in English –– 'warm things' meaning 'winter outerwear'.

February 23, 2016


Warm things rather makes me think of hot metal tools or rocks etc, things you can hold in your hand... Not wearables

As such the translation does not feel logic

April 11, 2016


Ayatsuri, what's your mother tongue? Just curious... Btw. for me as a German "warm things" feels logic because we say the same in German, "warme Sachen (zum Anziehen)".

March 5, 2019


Why is it "нужны" and not "нужные". I cannot find this form in the dictionary, There it says "нужные" for nominative plural.

April 25, 2019
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