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  5. "My aunt is an actress."

"My aunt is an actress."

Translation:Моя тітка актриса.

December 9, 2015



Two translations are possible for an actress актриса and акторка. What's the difference?

[deactivated user]

    There is no real difference in meaning. «Актри́са» is borrowed from French actrice (via Russian актри́са). «Акто́рка» is formed from «акто́р» using the Ukrainian suffix -к- often used to create feminine professions (compare other words like that: журналі́ст '(male) journalist' — журналі́стка '(female) journalist', юри́ст '(male) lawyer' — юри́стка '(female) lawyer').

    Having two words, one borrowed and one created using native means, is a pretty common situation. Compare English pairs like automobile/car, autumn/fall, where the former is borrowed from French and the latter is a native word.

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