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"Los motivos"

January 10, 2013



I'm getting better at guessing what would be marked correct by duolingo, but in English I would not equal reasons with motives. They are similar I agree, but I think motives apply to living things, reasons are better suited for actions of anything. What is the reason for my roof caving in?


I agree. It would be a big improvement if a person whose primary (first) language is English, were a member of Duoingo's team. It's hard to believe this is the case. A substantial number of translations from Spanish to English could could be ever so much more helpful to those of us struggling with the Spanish end of things. Having to be frustrated by inept English that infects the English language is, and should not be, a part of Duolingo. Thanks to Duolingo for what it does do, but here's an area in need of improvement.


I really don't understand people's constant bashing of DL and how it is getting these translations wrong. As far as I can tell (I am still early on in my learning of the language) the phrase "Los motivos" can mean BOTH "The reasons" AND "The motives" - it can also mean "The motifs" which is entirely different but still correct, depending on the context in which it is used. As we have no context here, all of these are correct translations. Believe it or not, one word can have many meanings!

A quick search on reverso finds all these real-life translations:

dejó el trabajo por motivos personales = he left the job for personal reasons

motivos ocultos = ulterior motives

motivo decorativo = decorative motif

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