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"Does your father speak Hindi?"

Translation:Baban Hintçe biliyor mu?

December 9, 2015



What about this sentence? "Senin baban Hintçe mi konuşur"


For abilities, we prefer to speak in continuous tense. If you ask "Senin baban Hintçe mi konuşur" to me, I would interpret as "Does your father speak Hindu (generally)?"

If you say "Senin baban Hintçe konuşur mu?" it would be grammatically right, as it emphasizes the speaking ability, not the Hindu part, but still it wouldn't be your first choice as a native. "Baban Hintçe biliyor mu?" "Baban Hintçe konuşabiliyor mu?" would be the exact sentences you use.

I hope I'm not confusing you while I try to explain more :)


Thank you so much. Your explanation was absolutely comprehensive and elucidated the dark corners of my mind. Gerçekten Sağolun.


Please, could someone explain the difference between Mu and Mi. Thank you.

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