PT-EN Course Newsletter - Issue #3

Hello, everyone! Oi, gente! Olá a todos!

With the holiday season upon us, here’s issue #3 of our Portuguese course newsletter (and the last of 2015)! We hope you’ve all had a great last month and that you’re keeping up your Portuguese progress!

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Progress Report

Completed and ongoing tasks

  • We’re still adding European Portuguese answers and translations; please keep reporting any cases of EP vocabulary or sentence structures you’re aware of and that are still not considered correct by Duolingo;
  • We’ve added Tips and Notes to the Plurals skill. If you find any typo or factual inaccuracy in this or any other Tips & Notes feature, please send one of the members of the team a message so that we can correct the issue.
  • We’ve finished reviewing the Gerund skill, mainly by adding the EP-prevalent “a + infinitive” construction wherever applicable (example: I am walking = Eu estou andando = Eu estou a andar); if you’re studying EP, feel free to test that skill to see if it’s now more responsive to this construct. It’s possible that you’ll find sentences with the gerund in other skills, and since those were not covered by this task (we’re changing those when we find them), the degree of responsiveness to “a + infinitive” will be much lower; please report any case where it’s not accepted yet.

  • We’re in the process of reviewing the Politics and Future Perfect skills; our focus will be on making sure our “best” answers match more closely the idea of a given sentence in either language (and not simply a literal translation), and also to close the existing gaps in terms of noun gender, European Portuguese and British English vocabulary (whenever relevant) and synonyms suggested by your reports. If you have any feedback about these skills (including suggestions of sentences we can add to either skill later on), we’d love to hear it!

  • Considering the beginning of the holiday season and the renewed availability of our Christmas skill at the lingot store [we don't know for sure when the bonus skill we be available for purchase again, but we're sure it won't take long - ], we’ve reviewed it (together with the “Natal” skill in the English for Portuguese course, which has three lessons and therefore more words for you to know). When the time comes, we encourage you to spend a few lingots and check both out :)
  • As usual, we have also kept an eye on the forums to edit the sentences that were brought to our attention there (since we’re not on the forums 24/7, you should always report errors and mistakes inside the exercises and only later use the comment boards to check if you’re knowledge/hunch was right or not)

Upcoming tasks and projects (continued from last month)

  • The EP Learners’ Guide, a proposed (if time allows) side project of Tips & Notes released on the forums that should work as a complement to the official Notes, adding important and/or interesting information and tips for European Portuguese students on Duolingo (mainly regarding differences in grammar, vocabulary and phonetics between BP and EP in the matters covered by a given skill).
  • An in-depth content review of the skills we know you’re struggling with the most, including Present Perfect, Abstract Objects, Subj. Past and Phrasal Future Tense. Let us know in the comments which skills you feel could use more work and why so that we can prioritize our choices when we find the time to start these reviews.

General News and Announcements

  • Please make sure your interactions with other users in the forums/sentence discussions are performed in a respectful manner; if you have any doubts about how to conduct yourself in the forums, please read our community guidelines or this great article written by our fantastic global moderator Usagiboy7 and including suggestions from other members of the community.

Notes from the Lusosphere

Portuguese Language

If you know any good study materials online, please let us know so that we can feature them here.

Society and Culture


Community Corner

Have you noticed that our forums and sentence discussions are glowing greener than they were a few weeks ago? That’s because we’ve asked two of our most dedicated community members - Paulenrique and Ruama - have kindly accepted our offer to become forum moderators! We were lucky to be able to enjoy their comments and insights before, so this upgrade simply means they’ll have more resources (and added responsibilities) to keep doing so!

Again, we’d like to stress how important your feedback is extremely important to us, and to promise that’ll make sure we answer each and every one of the comments you write in these newsletters. Just make sure you keep your comments polite, respectful and on point, and don’t be afraid to struck up a discussion with other members of the community about your desires/troubles/expectations/hopes for the course.

Have a great month! We’ll be back in 2016 with more exciting news about the PT-EN course!

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The Portuguese Team


Past Newsletters

December 9, 2015


Wow! This is incredibly thorough -- thank you!

(I'm not working on Portuguese currently, but definitely plan on returning in the future. I very much appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting in :)

December 10, 2015

Thank you for your feedback, and you're welcome :) I'm glad you find these instructive and an incentive to eventually return to Portuguese learning in the future!

Good luck with your studies :)

December 10, 2015
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