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Translation to Russian

First, thank you for the Russian course! It is very interesting! I have been doing 10-12 lessons or so, and on average in each lesson, I get 8-9 questions asking me to translate to English, but at most 1-2 asking me to translate to Russian or type what I hear. And the phrases I get to type in Russian are often the easiest one, and I often get the same phrase to hear and to translate, so I manage to complete most lessons without ever having needed to type any words with complicated structure and/or spelling in Russian.

Is this intentional, am I doing something wrong, or is this a topic for future improvement?

Thanks a lot!

December 9, 2015



I was wondering the same and don't know how Duolingo works in this regard. But recently I have been using "strengthen skills" a lot and often have to translate much more into Russian than the other way around. So maybe there are more translations into English the first time you do a skill to keep it easier? The more you train a skill, the more difficult it gets? I cannot confirm it, but that's my impression.


I think you're right. I didn't notice it at the earliest level, but later on I DO think Duolingo does get a bit tricksy when you strengthen skills. They sneak in new words and more complex sentences on you that you haven't encountered before.


I've done lots of strengthening as well, but I haven't noticed it getting any harder. I'm only on Basics 2, though, so it might be a bit more difficult a little farther on.


It's my impression that on the first time through a lesson in particular, most of the questions will translate back into the source language, which makes sense.


I was not aware of that function, thanks! However, when I tried it today, I faced the same issue. As did I when I just redid the lessons. For me this is a problem since when I translate to English, I do not tend to naturally remember if, say, the "i" or "e" sound was и, э, е, or ы. But when typing in Russian, I have to!


Yes, in my opinion there are too many Russian to English to translations and two few English to Russian. Translation from English into the target language is surely the way to learn. Also it's boring typing in English. I don't think the Spanish course has this problem to the same extent.


Interesting. I ran through a few levels of the Spanish course last weekend just to see how much I remembered and thought that I was barely typing in Spanish at all. Granted, I'm much farther into the Russian course, so the early levels may have had the same issue.

In any event, I'm about halfway through the tree and seem to be typing quite a lot in Russian.


somebody knows ,when we gonna get mobile russian course ??


An interesting fact: I am using the "Russian for English speakers" course as reverse tree. That is I am a Russian native speaker and I practice to translate to English. I have an impression that Duo somehow knows that the translations from English to Russian are easier to me than those in other direction and gives me more English-to-Russian tasks

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