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  5. "I took three photographs."

"I took three photographs."

Translation:Я сделал три фотографии.

December 9, 2015



In Russian this sentence is ambiguous and it has two meanings:

I took three photos, three snapshots

I made (/produced) thee photos (for example with a photo printer)


Or, I saw 4 photos on the table and I took 3. And in that case, wouldn't взял/а be OK?


А как будет я взял три фотографии?


Спал is a much better word for this than сделал. Сделал could mean developed photos, or even something like manufactured false photos.


Wouldn't "Я снимал три фотографии" be more accurate?


"Снимал" is used for usual, repetitive cases or for indefinite tense. It is better to use "снял" (perfective) for this case, since you don't have a regular situation when you should take three shots of each event and you are talking about one of this event. So, the correct answer would be "я снял три фотографии". And this choice with "снял" is more accurate, than another one in this task, because the last one (with "сделал") is ambiguous.


Exactly I wrote снимал but it said it was wrong :/


Me too. Report it.


Since the verb means that an action was completed in its entirety shouldn't this translate to "I have taken three photos"?


I always refer to them in Russian as "фото", so I always fail this question.

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