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  5. "Hva har du på hodet?"

"Hva har du hodet?"

Translation:What do you have on your head?

December 10, 2015



I'm finding it unfortunately hard to dissociate the Norwegian "hode" from the German "Hoden"... :/


Isn't it just Kopf in German?

[edit] oh, geez, okay...

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I found this sentence oddly amusing even before I saw this comment.


Is it wrong to write "What are you wearing on your head?"


Not necessarily wrong, but the default translation is much closer to the Norwegian.

Also, you could have a fish on your head, but you wouldn't be said to be "wearing" a fish.

[a] When my daughter was very young, I used to put random things on my head (or hers), and call them "hat". This amused us both.

[b] In the webcomic "Scandanavia and the World", Norway was often drawn with a fish on his head. See especially https://satwcomic.com/not-english.

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