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"Мой младший брат изучает английский."

Translation:My younger brother studies English.

December 10, 2015



изучает vs учитесь? Where should I use them?


Why not "My younger brother is studying English"?


I wrote this, "Мой моладший брат изучает английский" and received a ding and a green sign that said I was correct.

For years, I have been writing that Duo should call out every mistake, instead of letting small mistakes go by while saying, "you have a typo."

Today, Duo let me pass with a mistake, and I was not alerted at all. The only reason I noticed was that I was surprised that I had typed it correctly...and I saw that I had NOT typed it correctly.

Was this an error, or is моладший and alternate spelling or something (possibly like Donald Trumps "alternative facts?").

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