"I am writing my children a long letter."

Translation:Я пишу своим детям длинное письмо.

December 10, 2015

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what is wrong with " Ya pishu moim detyam dlinnoe pis'mo"?


I thought it should be accepted too (I put "Я пишу моим детям длинное письмо"... everything I have read indicates that свой is required with certain pronouns like он, она, они but is optional with я. I'll report and we'll see.


You are not completely right here -- свой can be used with any pronoun and it should be used in order to not repeat the same pronoun in one sentence or when it's obvious from the context whose those things are. I'll give some examples: Это мои вещи. Я беру свои вещи. (Я беру мои вещи sounds very unnatural and it's not good language) Забирай свои вещи и уходи! (it is obvious that those things are yours, no one would say забирай твои вещи) Мы со своими друзьями поехали отдыхать.

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