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Switching language on keyboard

I clicked the link provided to switch my keyboard language but it seems to only be instructions for touchscreens. I am on a laptop. How do I change my language to Russian when I am using Duolingo for the Russian course then back to English after? Thank you in advance for your help.

December 10, 2015



Have you already installed a Russian keyboard on your laptop? On Windows you can press Alt+Shift to switch between keyboards or you can set up some hotkeys to make it easier.


Thank you for your response. I have not installed a Russian keyboard yet. I wasn't sure how to.


Do you have a Windows laptop or Mac or...?


Windows and I'm using Windows 7.


I haven't added a new language in a while and I don't have Windows 7 anymore, but try going into settings. Then click 'time and language', then 'Region and language', then 'add a language'. Then when you find Russian, it'll give you some options on what kind of keyboard to install: phonetic, traditional etc. Choose whichever one you like and good luck learning Russian! :)

By the way, if you haven't noticed it yet, there is a small Аа-Яя switch near the top left of the screen during a lesson. You need to click that unless you want everything to be in Latin letters.


Thank you very much that was helpful. I have given you a lingot for your help. :-)


If you can't figure it out from JanisaChatte's instructions, I can give you a detailed lesson. :-)


Thank you for offering to help. I was able to figure it out after playing with the settings for a little bit.


Hello there!
If you have problems with the switching between keyboards, you can use this Google Chrome Duolingo Keyboard Extension:


If you install the extension, when you're doing a Duolingo exercise, you can keep your keyboard in English and when you do a lesson, the key you press will output the mapped value in the Cyrillic alphabet.

I've been using this extension for several months, and I want to say that it's really great!



Thank you for the information.


How can I switch between French and Russian courses? I lost my first lesson of Russian.


Hover over the flag to the left of your avatar and the courses you're taking will drop down in a menu. Highlight the language you want to practice.

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