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  5. "Що тут росте?"

"Що тут росте?"

Translation:What grows here?

December 10, 2015



The translation should be: What's growing here


I think either works. Imagine you're in a new place and you want to know what kind of agriculture they can support. You might ask, "What grows here?"


That would be

"Що воно тут вирощує?"

but what does that mean? O_o

Рости - to grow (for both children or plants), вирощувати - to grow something (vegetables)


You are confused. "What's growing here?" does not mean "What is it growing here?" The meaning is рости, whether it's present simple or present continuous. There is no complication.

For example, on seeing a group of plants, one might say "What's growing here?" or "What is this (that's) growing here". On wondering what might grow in a particular place, one might say "What grows here?", although it might be more natural to say "What can grow here?" or "What kind of plants grow here?".

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