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  5. "Ili demandis pri vi."

"Ili demandis pri vi."

Translation:They asked about you.

December 10, 2015



Because you knew too much.


Can I say "They asked for you" instead of "about you"?


That would have a different meaning in English. If "they" are asking "for" you then they are trying to find you, or they are summoning you, to speak to them. I'm not sure how to modify the given phrase for that. Pehaps simply, "ili demandis por vi."

If they are asking about you then they didnt want to speak with you. Ili ne volis paroli al vi.


Ah yes, the difference between "pri" and "por" makes sense.


Would 'They were asking about you' be correct? Does Esperanto have the option for the past continuous tense (not sure of the proper grammatical name) or does it collapse to 'demandis'? I'm not confident enough to report it.


I like your wording :) Yes, Esperanto has the option of a past continuous tense -- you can say "Ili estis demandantaj pri vi".

But you don't have to use that form, and most people would probably use the simple past in Esperanto, "demandis".

So "Ili demandis pri vi" could translate to either "They asked about you" or "They were asking about you".

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