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  5. "We can skype every day!"

"We can skype every day!"

Translation:Ми можемо говорити по скайпу щодня!

December 10, 2015



Is there a word скайпувати?

[deactivated user]

    I haven't seen it until you've written it. However, it follows a productive pattern so if you make it up, it will be understandable. Also, it is found in the Internet.


    I always say "скайпитися" to my friend :)

    A little strange, cause it's like "skype ourselves", but now that I think of it, it follows the pattern of "листуватися" (to write letters to each other), "переписуватися" (again, "exchange writing" but can apply to emails too), so maybe there is some sense there :)

    [deactivated user]

      It's actually not strange at all, in the past Slavic reflexive forms replaced medial voice forms: when Slavic languages lost medial voice forms, they were replaced by reflexive forms with -ся.

      So, now reflexive verbs can mean a reciprocal action (translated with 'each other': скайпуватися = to skype to each other, цілуватися = to kiss each other) or action directed at unknown or unimportant object (кусатися = to bite [it's not important whom], дряпатися = to scratch [it's not important whom]).

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