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"Gli portiamo una bottiglia di vino."

Translation:We bring him a bottle of wine.

January 10, 2013



It was impossible to tell "gli" at the beginning of the sentence. It sounded like "vi"


Yes - I heard it as "Vi"


So "gli" in the indirect pronoun sense can refer to either "him" or "them"? Is that correct?


If I understand it correctly it can refer to "him", "them (masculin)", "them (feminin)". You can find a good explanation here: http://www.cyberitalian.com/en/html/gra_prpr.html


Gli portiamo una bottiglia di vino ==> we bring him a bottle of wine

what is the action/verb?
portiamo = (we) bring, verb
who does the action?
(noi) = we, subject
what/who does the subject action (what does we bring) ?
una bottiglia di vino = a bottle of wine, direct object
to whom/what does the subject action the direct object (to whom do we bring a bottle of wine)
gli = (to) him, indirect object.

To him we bring a bottle of wine ==> we bring a bottle of wine to him or we bring him a bottle of wine


%&#$@#$!!! How do you say that in Italian?


no answer to the difference between gli or li ????


"gli" could also be to them or them?


The audio does not play


Why can't it be, "We carry to him a bottle of wine"?


We carry to him a bottle of wine just sounds like bad English.


I wrote "We bring them a bottle of wine" and it was correct.


It can also be an imperative, "Let's bring them a bottle of wine."


The task was - Type what you here - and silence with a 'helpful' notice 'can't listen now', but no option to continue, so I types several question marks and got the 'right answer' to the silence :-)


I was not allowed to finish the lesson without the right answer to the silence - yes, i was given the same task at the end - with 'can't listen now' - it's good that I've written down the right answer' to my ????? If it happens to you - write down the 'right answer' to 'can't listen now' - and it will be accepted

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