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"La comida es para las maestras."

Translation:The food is for the teachers.

January 10, 2013



la comida can also be translated to 'the lunch' ? at least that's the word people here in Madrid use when they are having lunch... :S


I don't care... I'm hungry.


Why is it when you miss one word it will count the whole sentence wrong?? It was just the word "The" in the sentence... I got everything else right. Why will it count it all wrong?


If we bribe them with food, maybe they pass us!


Confused. "El maestro" translates as "the professor (male)." Wouldn't "las maestras" translate as "the professors (female plural)?" If not, what word in Spanish would one use to denote a female professor or teacher in a university?


Both "maestro" and "maestra" translate technically to "teacher" (male or female, respectively). "Professor" in Spanish is "profesor" (or "profesora"). That said, the Spanish language doesn't make as clear a distinction between university and school teachers. Both are somewhat interchangeable.


real i am so right writing La comida es para las maestras


i hate this question


Las maestras - feminine for maestro. You could use the term mistress in English as in class mistress or head mistress.


Amongst said maestras can there be included a few or even a majority of maestros? i.e.los maestros can mean the teachers male and female, does it work the other way?

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