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"She is commenting on his blog."

Translation:Hun kommenterer bloggen hans.

December 10, 2015



Doesn't that "på" make any difference? Because "hun kommenterer hans blog" sounds more like "she is commenting his blog" rather than "on his blog". Am I the only one who perceives this difference?


kommenterer bloggen hans has a duality. It can both mean that she leaves a comment on his blog and that she makes a remark about his blog (on another blog or mentioning to a friend etc), but mostly the last one. kommentere på bloggen is the first alternative, she makes a comment within his blogosphere.


"på bloggen hans" deals with location and has nothing to do with the verb. "kommenterer" does not require a preposition.


so both "på bloggen hans" and "bloggen hans" in this case have to be translated "on his blog", just because - as I read later - "to comment one's blog" doesn't sound natural in english as a sentence. Correct?


That's correct!


Thanks for your help :) P.S.: i've supposed that the preposition deals with location and not with the verb, but I've also guessed that "å kommentere" could hold a direct object as well, which in this case should have been "bloggen hans", without any preposition, and which is however translated in english as a location complement. At the end I think this is just a peculiar case related to an english way to consider the blog as a place where is possible to leave comments, rather than a possible object of commenting...


I don't know norwegian but this sentence can't seems to make sense to me

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