"С Новым годом, друзья!"

Translation:Happy New Year, friends!

December 10, 2015

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"Happy New Year's, friends!" should be accepted as well.


I agree. In my circles (in Arizona, USA), "Happy New Year's" is significantly more common than "Happy New Year".


Ditto for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, greater New York City, Philadelphia and a few other backwaters...


for some reason its just hitting me now how strong the "новOM" sound is in the word "новЫМ". People talk about how phonetic the Russian language is. Guess no language is really altogether phonetic...


German is pretty close to being purely phonetic. The only thing i could think of in German not being spoken as written is the "silent H". For example the word "Rahmen" (Frame).

The German language goes through many reforms all the time to keep it as phoentic as possible and to keep the language up to date.


In German the biggest problem when it comes to being phonetic is the varying pronunciation of vocals in combination with single / multiple consonants. Rule: before double consonants is a short vocal (Damm) ; before a single consonant is a long vocal (Schaf) But you have so incredibly many exceptions


As far as I know, Spanish is actually 100% phonetic. You can read a word and know how to pronounce it flawlessly even if you've never heard it, as long as you know the rules, which are simple. Indonesian is also an example of a fully phonetic language, as some other languages from South East Asia... Saxon and slavic languages, definitely not


It's a rather distinct sound, given enough time and training you'll probably hear the difference.


Why do we use новым and not новый in this special case?


It's because Russians don't say or write the full phrase in everyday speech (or on many greeting cards). The verb they omit is поздравить (to congratulate). It is a transitive verb - the person/people you're congratulating take accusative case, and the event/occasion you're congratulating them on takes the preposition С + instrumental.

A full sentence would look like:

Я поздравляю вас с Новым годом.

But in informal situations, like with friends, family, classmates or coworkers you oftentimes will just hear С Новым годом!!


Thank you very much!


Where is the "happy" in this sentence?

It should translate to just "New year, friends !".


The full phrase is Поздравляю тебя с Новым годом (or any variation of that, if it's multiple people talking to multiple people then Поздравляем вас с Новым годом for instance). It would basically translate as "Congratulations on the New Year", but of course in English we don't congratulate people with holidays but rather wish them happy or merry holidays, which is how the translation comes out here. Because Поздравлять кого-то is a rather lengthy expression, they just chop it down to с праздником. "New Year, friends!" would be Новый год, друзья or Это Новый год, друзья.


That was really helpful. I have heard the с used in happy birthday as well and always wondered how it was getting translated to 'happy'


I left off the comma and ! and I got it wrong!?!?

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