• Review mistakes made in lesson.

If someone makes several mistakes in the lesson. At the end, whether he/she finished it or has to try again, there should be an option to review mistakes made in that lesson.

  • Voting system for a correct translations in a lesson.

In the lesson sometimes you find the another correct translation more suitable than your own. In that case there should be an option to express your opinion by voting for the better translation.

  • Check another possible translation of the sentence.

Sometimes I want to check couple of possible translations for a sentence in the lessons but I can't because if use a translation I am not sure of I’ll lose hearts and maybe I’ll have to retry the lesson. I hate that. So if it’s possible next to the Continue button put something like”Check another possible translation”


  • Search option in vocabulary section.

  • Practice weakest words learned until specific date.

Sometimes I don’t want to see a lot of new words I learned in last couple of days, I just want to focus on those I have studied lets say 2 weeks ago. I think something like this could be a fine addition to the “Practice weakest words”

January 10, 2013


Your first suggestion has been put on here a couple of times now and I remember reading a post by one of the devs saying that they were going to implement it.

Regarding your second suggestion what would be the purpose of this vote would you lose a heart if so I think that most people won't use it.

As for your other suggestions I'm completely behind that particularly the third suggestion I'm Scottish and as the developers are using American English I often find myself thinking of the word that the Americans use because I don't want to type something that the isn't used in the US, in saying that our spelling of mum is accepted I don't know if "messages" (what most Scots call Groceries) would be accepted so the ability to see all options would be much appreciated.

Regarding second suggestion: Lets say you correctly translated a sentence to English, but you see another correct translation and you think that it is more applicable in this case. So you click on it and give it a like. After that you just continue with your lesson (you don't lose a heart). I thought that way there would be something like a ranking of translations and people would see which translations are maybe more suited for this sentence. This could be an option you could switch on/off.

While I agree that sometimes one version of a translation is better than the other there're other times when both translations are valid for instance in both French and German to say "I {then any verb i.e. walk}" and "I am {then any verb using the present participle (ing) i.e. walking} so it could occasionally serve to confuse

You have a point, I agree, sometimes it would be confusing. Thanks for your comments.

Duolingo really need to have a native English speaker working on the Spanish/English (ie learning Spanish) section.

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