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  5. "El proceso es muy sencillo."

"El proceso es muy sencillo."

Translation:The process is very simple.

December 5, 2013



"sencillo" can't be translated as "easy"?


easy = facil and Duo can be fussy. Some simple things are not easy, IMO.


They're not exactly synonymous. Example: Something can be simple (simple to understand or with very few steps to achieve it), but still hard when you do this simple process. Something can be easy to do, but very complex, with a lot of steps to do. For this translation, to avoid confusion, it's better in my opinion to keep it simple, easy=facil and simple=sencillo. (The word "simple" also exist in Spanish, but I don't know if it's a synonym of sencillo)

The fact something is simple, makes it often easy, and it's the reason why we find the meanings very close, but if 2 distincts words exist, I think there's a reason.


Its good when people actually make sense unlike ME


It souds like evil jen zombifiybing someone


Or some kind of evil procedure


I'm pretty sure it does mean "easy" also and have reported it.


At some point, DL has to make a distinction between similar words. Otherwise, we would use one of the words all the time and never learn the other. (DL is all about learning vocabulary after all)

DL could be more helpful, however, by creating sentences and context that make the differences more distinct.


I don't know if they'll accepted in, but on another hand, there can be reasons to refuse it.


I find it funny that no one thought of sensible as a cognate. I would like your opinions.


Is there any argument for using sensillo rather than simple?


I think so. When something is sensible and just makes sense. That's how I use sencillo.


"The process is very plain." Sounds like a foreigner speaking English. "The process is very easy." Sounds better and is still correct.


Easy structured=plain but easy process is usually easy to be done


Boy, duolingo really doesn't like sencillo translated as easy even though that definition is in my Webster's dictionary.


Referred to a process I would not use easy as a translation of sencillo. Easy process would mean a process easy to be done. Sencillo means easy to be understood, in this case straightforward or simple or linear process

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