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"Pigen spillede ikke med drengen."

Translation:The girl did not play with the boy.

December 10, 2015



This is clearly wrong. Girls always play with boys and then crush their hearts


I'm sorry to hear about your tragic personal history. May this lingot provide you with everything you need to rise above your sad past and enjoy a series of enjoyable relationships for the rest of your days.


But that would be "lege", not "spille". With "spille" it is about participating in a structured game like tennis or chess.


Am i right in thinking that spille refers more to playing something - e.g. spille golf, spille fodbold, spille xbox - while lege refers more to just playing (as children do), or playing with something - e.g. lege med lego, lege i haven???


apparently its got to do with rules. those games that have rules you spiller and those that dont you leger.

bornene leger i haven. de spiller fodbold


HELP PLEASE.The desired word is "spillede" but the speaker clearly says "spille" or "spiller"; is it merely because I am working on past tense that I should know the word should be "spillede"? Or is this just a word for which the "ede" is always silent på Dansk?


I just heard it with two different voices, and in both of them I could hear the "ede" on the end, although it was a bit swallowed.

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