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Different setting for hearing/writing/speaking/reading


I am studying the French course and I noticed that more than 80% of the time, I have to translate something from French to English. However, I would like to practice more my active language skills (given a sentence in English and translating it to French) than the other way around.

Do you know if there's any kind of settings I can use to adjust this percentage and try to balance the active/passive skill? If there's not, maybe it's a suggestion for the Duolingo team?

2 years ago


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No, there is no option for this. However, you can try the reverse tree i.e. English for French speakers which gives you greater practice at translating from English to French.

2 years ago


I'm not sure but I feel like you have more diverse exercices when practicing older skills than when studying a new one. Especially more listening and translating from the language you learn to the language you speak.

2 years ago