"Який транспорт є у місті?"

Translation:What means of transportation are there in the city?

December 10, 2015

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"what transportation is there in the city?" is a more usual way to put it - 'means of transportation' is old fashioned.


"What transportation is there in the city" - should be added.


I was told "what transportation" sounds "awkward" and "terrible". "means/mode/form/kind/type/method of transport/transportation" are all accepted.


Are you sure?

In another sentence discussion somebody told me it's the opposite, "means of transportation" is correct, and to say "what transportation" is not correct or meaningful.


Another sentence in this lesson asks "What transportation is there in Atlanta." Either way this should be kept consistent.

Just "transportation" seems a bit awkward, but the dictionary does list it as "a system or means of transporting people or goods." Though it does specify that as "North American" so perhaps this is one of those US/UK differences. My own first attempt here was "forms of transportation" which did not work. Wikipedia seems to like "mode of transport." Means of transportation meanwhile sounds almost too formal or technical. The sentence overall does not come off as something I'd hear someone ask very often.


I agree that consistency is more important :) Either accept it everywhere or don't, and the next question is whether it should be accepted or not.

Just "transportation" seems a bit awkward

Yes, I've asked Duolingo contributors who are native speakers of English, and was told that "transportation" or "transport" as the sole noun sounds terrible, and one should use "means/mode/form/kind/type/method of transport/transportation".

Currently that's what is accepted. It could be a UK/US thing, let's see if anyone comments.

"What forms of transportation are there in the city?" is now accepted too. "Mode of transport" says that it does not mean "bus, train, bicycle, car" etc. but "air travel, land travel etc", but I'm accepting it anyway after suggestions from other contributors (they say "mode" is used to mean "means" as well). "Means" is formal and technical but not incorrect, so accepted too :)

And yes, it's a strange sentence :) If I needed to ask something like that, I would say "public transport" probably, that makes more sense.


(UK) I would be most likely to say "what kind of transport is there in the city?" (I wouldn't ever say transportation).

"Mode of transport" and "means of transport" may not technically mean the same thing, but I think in general people use them as if they are the same, and I know I've answered some of these sentences with "mode of transport".



Everything you listed (kind/mode/means of transport) is accepted now, and many more combinations...

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