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  5. "Ми слухаємо музику уранці."

"Ми слухаємо музику уранці."

Translation:We listen to music in the morning.

December 10, 2015



in English, "music" very often behaves as an uncountable noun.


Why, in Ukrainian as well. But in this sentence countability doesn't come up at all, so?..

Side note: музику уранці is simply horrible, I wouldn't say that. Музику вранці is much more natural to say.


I was referring to the fact that you don't need the article "the". Is that countability, or something else?


Oh, i see. You're right, one can say "listen to music", didn't notice that. It's not countability. Air is not countable but you can still say " the air ". It's about being specific or not.

Both should be accepted.


Imho вранці або уранці both are quite acceptable and sound pleasure.


This could also be throughout or during the morning since there is no specific time attached to this activity that can take place anywhere from when we wake up to lunch time like say breakfast when we usually have a specific time for eating, then "in" is best. Listening to music could be during, throughout or in...they are all fine in this case.

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