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Learn japanesse...

Hello !

I like to lern japanesse in Duolingo... It's possible ?

Bonjour !

J'aimerais apprendre le japonais avec Duolingo ! C'est possible ?

December 5, 2013

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I would LOVE to learn Japanese on this site. I really hope they make it happen soon!


I agree, I am currently learning on my own via textbooks, but I really like the duolingo format and I think it would be great. They should definitely add Japanese and I hope they do soon!


which textbooks are you using? I'm really interested in learning japanese as it is my heritage (:


I'm confident Japanese will be available in Duolingo soon (Korean is almost done!). In the meantime, you can try Memrise


Seriously learning japanese would be amazing If I can watch anime without subs and understand what babymetal sings I will be forever grateful to duolingo :)


same! sometimes i space out while watching anime and i have to go back to see what they said...


I would also like to put in my vote for a Japanese course


Bonjour ITROMN,

voici ce que dit Duolingo, dans la version anglaise de sa page d'aide, sur les “demandes” de nouveaux cours :

If you want to make a suggestion, we encourage you to visit the forums and making a search for suggestions that have been made in the past, and adding your vote and comments to those existing posts. That will make the request more popular and make it stand out more, encouraging more people to add their votes. :)

Source : Help Center - "How can I suggest a new language course?"

Traduction :

Si vous souhaitez faire une suggestion [pour un nouveau cours], nous vous encourageons à vous rendre sur les forums, d'y rechercher les suggestions déjà faites par le passé et d'ajouter vos vote et commentaire(s) à ces discussions existantes [et non de créer une nouvelle discussion sur le même sujet]. Cela rendra plus populaire et donc plus visible la requête, ce qui encouragera encore plus de gens à y ajouter leur vote. ;)

Note : Les textes entre crochets sont mes ajouts/précisions.

Vous trouverez par exemple ici une discussion existant depuis plus de 3 ans, et assez populaire, au sujet d'un cours de japonais depuis le français où vous pouvez ajouter vos vote et commentaire(s).


Japanese is super hard.... I have experience with it. But it is beneficial to learn.


Not really. Aside from the script, it's quite easy.


God, my Japanese teacher hasn't been able to meet with me in over a mONTH and if I could start learning it on here that would be absolutely Amazing.


I have been waiting for a Japanese course since I joined Duolingo. Crossing my fingers!


I really want Japanese for English speakers!


This would be so awesome! Thats why I actually first came here.


I don't know if you can learn it, at least not from english, but it does sound like a good idea.


you can only learn English from Japanese so far I can't wait until they do that!!!


i like learn japanese but i can't learn. i hope i will learn japanese.


i only speak japanese . i don't learn the letter.


Well they have Japanese to English right now :/ but I haven't heard anything on English to japanese


Yes! I also want Japanese!


I would love if Japanese will be added on this site!!


I have been using Mango Languages to learn Japanese. (amazing, amazing site, assuming you have an american library card that is eligible, or if you are willing to pay 175 a month.) It's great for conversations and vocab, but I recommend using memrise alongside it to learn Hiragana, Katakana, and Joyo Kanji, because Mango does not explain it.

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