"Are you drinking Danish beer?"

Translation:Drikker du dansk øl?

December 10, 2015

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This course is getting just more and more epic and honestly useful :D Especially with the Swedish telemarketing guy :D :D :D


the word 'pils' can also be used to say 'beer'!


I believe 'pils' would refer to a lager. So, both Heineken and Guinness are øl, but only Heineken is a pils. I could be wrong, though.


I've no idea, but when I lived in Norway the locals were referring to the beer cans I was selling them bot as 'oel' and 'pils'.


Well I can say with certainty that there are Ales and Lagers as the two different types of beer, at least as far as categorizing by yeast is concerned. I dont know however if øl despite sounding like ale cant apply to lagers, modtly Duolingo seems to translate it as beer which is either ale or lager.

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