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Polish is out !

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Congrats to the Team !

Polish is in Beta ! Why should you learn it ?

Congratulation to the team ! It has been weeks that I am gathering informations for you know… why should we learn Polish ?

Here is what I found :

Polish is a touristic language : If you plan to go to Croatia during the summer, there are only Polish tourists tanning. If you want to ski in the Austrian Alps, the signs for hotels etc. are written in Polish !

Polish people are everywhere ! If each states of the US would be named after a country, Illinois would be named Poland and Chicago its capital. There are also a lot of polish speakers in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Brazil. Polish love to travel !

It is a challenge to learn Polish. It is considered as one of the hardest language to learn. meaning that it would be a great challenge and it will make you unique if people know that you can speak this language !

Poland ! The country is so beautiful and rich in history that you will enjoy your trip better if you can speak the language to the locals !

It is a nice bridge to learn other slavic languages. Czech, Ukrainian, Russian and many more. When you will figure out how to speak Polish, languages like Czech or Russian will be easier to learn.

So what are you waiting for ?

2 years ago