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Congratulations Team Polish!

Congratulations to all the members of Team Polish on the release of the Polish course!

It's been a long time coming, but I hope you guys are really proud of all the work you've done :D

Now it's our chance to learn your beautiful language and make the most of your wonderful course!

December 10, 2015



Hope you'll like it! :)


How is it possible you have a 1877 days streak? WOW


Thank you, Team Polish! I've waited so long for your course and now it's here!

I can speak some Polish because my mother is from Poland, but I hope I can improve my Polish with your course!



This is so great. Come at me, consonants!

[deactivated user]

    Dobra robota! :D Aż sama z ciekawości podjęłam się tego kursu. :)


    jumps up and down in excitement


    Me too! But I added a girly squeal.


    I ran around yelling at the top of my voice. :-D


    Yes! Dziękuję!


    Good job team Polish! I'll be one of the few russian people that can speak it, hehe.


    Been waiting for this. Dziękuję bardzo!


    I'm so happy and thankful to the team for this course! I have a Polish friend and was waiting for the course to learn polish on Duolingo, so that I could finally learn and eventually speak with my friend. In a couple of months I'll hopefully be able to do just that! Dziękuję !!!!!! :D


    71 upvotes here but only 30 learners after two days? What's going on, folks? Come on, Polish is cool!


    Never fear... Not sure why it hasn't updated on the front page, but there are WAY more than just 30 users on Polish. According to the incubator page there are a bit over 6,700 who've started.


    Absolutely love it, great course, really enjoying it!! :D My in-laws will thank you too ;)


    Thank you guys so much for this course! I have Polish ancestors on both sides of my family and now I'll be able to speak their language!

    Na zdrowie!


    That is great news! thanks to everyone who helped make that happen!


    Thanks! Waiting for this course for months and checking every day during the last few weeks. I hope to learn Polish faster and easier with Duolingo.


    the only reason why i added this app on my phone and follow on the site, was to find this exact course... thank you so much for adding polish as an option :D super keen now

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