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Do you have any tips for improving Polish pronunciation.

December 10, 2015



Talk to people in Polish they always help me with my pronunciation


Yeah, that is of course an excellent suggestion. You can find Skype partners through mylanguageexchange.com as well as gospeaky.com.


You can download the audio that accompanies Colloquial Polish from the publisher for free, or just listen to individual tracks. The first fourteen tracks deal with pronunciation specifically (edit: the first track is just a lot of introductory waffle). If you want to follow along with the book, you could also go to its Amazon page and use the "Look inside" feature (click on the book's cover image).


Amazing. Thanks!


Sadly, you'll find that even tiny differences in pronunciation will make you unintelligible to native Polish speakers. But it improves with time and your ability to add extra context when speaking.


I have used Real Polish to listen to regular Polish podcasts. Piotr sends free podcasts through email, I believe. http://realpolish.pl/


No, he doesn't. Queen, unless you have an (at least) pre-intermediate level in Polish, I don't recommend you realpolish. Said that, it is a great great web and of course you can use it for listening meanwhile you read the text.


Speak it. Talk to native speakers, they're always happy to help you. Also, listen to it as much as possible on the radio, songs, tv, etc. I can give you links to some good Polish folk music, if you're interested. :-)


Try watching Polish youtubers/Polish disney movies. Those can help you get used to the fast pace of the language also. And once you have learned the alphabet,the accents and stuff like 'dz', you'll be able to pronounce words easier. (with practice) Polish is admittedly a hard language (unless you're a native speaker of any slavic language) but it's not the hardest, and also achievable! If you'd like anyone to practice your Polish with, i'm here. And all the best with your language learning!


Learn the pronunciation of every letter and combination - the language is almost completely phonetic! I is worth the couple hours it will take you to learn. Find a nice book with listening texts for learners. Repeat, record, listen, repeat, record, listen. Talk to people too of course!


Sorry for link dropping but please check here: https://www.repeto.org/learn/polish You will find there some resources, each one with recorded pronunciation. Listen and repeat, I think there is no other way...

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