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Polish released in beta! Now available to learn!

{@ style = color: crimson}The Polish course has been released! You can now learn it on Duolingo!

I'd like to say a big thank you to the Polish team for making this possible. :)

In the words of alukasiak, contributor to the Polish course:

"Some of you may have thought that this moment would never come.

But it's happening: you can now use Duolingo to learn Polish.

"The course has just entered Phase 2 (Beta). This means that, although the tree is complete, there may still be some rough edges that we will have to smoothen out. Please bear with us and use the report function to tell us about anything that might need fixing or improving - missing translations and hints, unnatural sentences or unintelligible audio. All kinds of feedback are greatly appreciated. Of course, we will be there to help you out. Feel free to use our Discussion forums to ask questions or simply talk about your experience with learning Polish.

"We would like to thank you for your patience.

"Thanks to all those who supported us and believed in us during this long journey. We did everything we could to release the course as soon as possible without sacrificing its quality. But this is not the end. We are aware that there are still some aspects that we have to work on to make the course as effective and enjoyable as it is possible. We are going add Tips & Notes to more skills during the Beta as well as consider your feedback to improve the learning experience.

"Thanks to everyone who made this possible - above all, to current and former contributors and the entire Duolingo team. Great job!

"There is no better reward for your effort than knowing that people from all around the world can now learn this wonderful language for free.

Dziękujemy! Team Polish"

December 10, 2015



Next is Hungarian , it is at 100% {@style=color:red;}


I hope it gets released soon!!


So far, so excellent with the first set of skills! Looking good!

<h1>GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {@style=color:red;}</h1>


The TTS is amazing, I didn't expect such quality. I am pleased with this course.


Woo! Completed first skill.


Awesome! So did I! It's so fun and confusing!


Speaking of which, I can't remember a single word from Basics 1. I should go and strengthen it...


Yay!! Thank you so much!!


Amazing! :))) Thank you so much for all your efforts, Polish Team. When is it going to be released for mobile versions? As I mostly accomplish my courses using mobile version. Thank you


Haha! Good luck, fellow language learner. :)

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