"двойка по математике"

Translation:an F in mathematics

December 10, 2015

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I got dinged for "F in math" because I didn't write "an F in math." But this is not a sentence, so I see no need to insist on an article.


And Duolingo accepts grades without articles in other lessons. Disgusting inconsistency.


Same here - frustrating


Same with me, really ridiculous ...


I tried "a two in math", but I was told that the (ungrammatical) "an two in math" was correct. This makes not sense.


Same problem here.


Report. I question accepting "a two in math" but "an two in math" is definitely wrong.


An F?? двойка is 2. On the grading system where A = 5 etc it should be D. Anyway this system is completely unfamiliar to me and I think DuoLingo should also consider grading systems vary enormously between Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the UK - all of whom will learn Russian through English.


In Tips and Notes, it says 2 is F, and no mention of D. Just a weird quirk of Russia.

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This whole section seems poorly thought out. I'm just trying to learn Russian, so correctly translating the Russian words should be fine. There is no obvious greater context that this sentence is sitting in so it seems unfair to just expect someone who didn't grow up in the Russian school system to know this.


An example of confusing language with nationality/culture. Duo is ignoring that most America English speakers are not US citizens.


I saw this on math quizzes enough times...


Why "aN F in math" nad not "A" F?


Because "F" is pronounced in English as "eff", so it starts with a vowel sound.


Thanks a lot :)


is there a grade lower than F? (an однойка or something?)


From the Tips & Notes "«Едини́ца»(1) is virtually never assigned (maybe only in the case of particularly mighty failure, combining poor performance with misdemeanor)."


If двойка is an F, what letter is едини́ца?


My answer "F in math" was rejected, and the Correct Answer was not F but 2!


There is no need for the indefinite article. That's an american usage. Reported.


Really? "F in math" is unacceptable? It needs "an" to precede it? Why the strict rules for an exercise that isn't even a complete sentence. It's not like similar exercises have required the indefinite article. Please fix!


Hello?? A Russian person never gets an F! We want to learn Russian and get familiar with the Russian school system, not with the American system!! For me as a European it's absolutely annoying! In most countries we have numbers as well!!


I said "F in math" and was told the correct answer was " 2 in math" even though the previous exercise said that "moms do not like F's".


A "U" is now more standard in Britain than an "F" for indicating failure - U for ungraded, and can be the result at GCSE (16 year olds exam) and at A level (18 year olds exam). However although duo doesn't intentionally accept U it credits it as a misspelling of two, so can still be used!

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in another place i just typed (A in Chinese) and it was correct

why do I have to add "an" here and all my answer is considered wrong for that (and will have to re-do it again and waste my time)?


Is математике dative or genitive here?


Dative. Математика is female so математики is the genitive case


Wouldn't this be a D?


No, двойка is a fail.


I think "An F in math:" should be accepted. (Reported it just now)


Honestly, I'm fine with learning the cultural translation for which Russian number grade corresponds to which American letter grade. But wow, it would seriously help to make sure the actual relevant number is available somewhere in each of these questions, so it's clear that what I'm supposed to be learning here is in fact the Russian number 2, and that this number, when given as a grade, corresponds to an American "F", rather than the incorrect notion that the Russian word "двойка" translates to the English letter "F".


I do not know the American system: "A"="5", "B"="4" and "2" is not equal to "D"?! but "F"="2"???


"An" isn't required here.


f in math

not accepted?


Translating двойка as "an F" is just plain wrong. That is confusing language with designation of grades, which can differ between countries and between different levels within the same country.


sounds about right for me....


A 2 is a 2 all over the world, why on Earth should we be supposed to know about American grade system? The world is big, we're not all of us from that particular little part of it.


And the difference in maths and mathematics is what exactly???? FIX THIS!! Even duolingo used maths and mathematics as synonyms. And now my translation of maths instead of mathematics is all of a sudden wrong. It seems to be a guessing app not a language learning app.


How can you have "an" F, wrong, in English, should be "a" F.


I take it English isn't your first language, but you're wrong.


Someone has already answered above, look for the answer!

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