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Finished my tree!

I just finished my Turkish tree.

All the trees I'd completed up to this point were either for Germanic or Romance languages, so Turkish was definitely a trial.

The course is amazing. It's very thorough. I don't feel very confident at all yet, but that's not a fault of the tree. With continuing to practice on Duolingo, I expect I'll end up somewhere in the A2 area of proficiency.

The tree is a lot to take in, because of how different the language is from English. But it gets easier! It's overwhelming at first, but don't worry, with practice, everything starts to fall into place. The language is very consistent.

Thank you to Selcen, Alex, and the rest of the Turkish team for an awesome course!

December 10, 2015



YOU FINISHED!!!! Congrats! In terms of grammar, we go well into B1 territory. We are lacking in vocab however, but with some work you could get there. You should try to find a speaking partner somehow! :)


Thank you so much!!

Oh, that's excellent, about grammar! It is an awful lot. XD I suppose that you'll be increasing vocabulary in tree 2.0, right? :D I will, definitely!


We are definitely planning on including a lot more vocab, adding more sentences, and removing some problem sentences. We may add a few more grammar topics that we have missing for the A2 level as well.


Excellent, I look forward to taking that tree!


Congratulations, Squirrel Knight. Quite a collection of trophies! Not to mention all the insights you've gained into those many different cultures.


Thanks, Heather! I need to continue practicing, make myself worthy of those trophies.

[deactivated user]

    Tebrikler! :)


    Tesekkür ederim! :)


    Would you consider Turkish a regular language? (not many exepcions?)


    From my experience, yes. :)


    Ho boy yes!

    I did Turkish fairly intensively over the summer, and recently started working on Slovak again, and I sometimes wish for the Turkish grammar back.

    It's different, but very regular. I think there are about a dozen irregular verbs, and with nouns, the biggest irregularity I have seen is with front suffixes after a written back vowel and that sometimes a syllable is dropped from two-syllable words when adding an ending. Peanuts compare to what goes on in Slavic.

    On the other hand, if you hear a word that has like four suffixes on it, it takes a while to be able to "decode" that in real time!


    Congratulations, Jack! :)


    Thanks so much, Maee! :)


    Great work Jack, well done. From what I have heard Turkish is one of the more difficult languages here, so congratulations on finishing. :)


    Thanks, MG! :) It is fairly difficult, in comparison to some of the others. I'm sure not anything compared to Finnish, though!


    How did I miss this post? You posted it yesterday and I didn't even see it!




    Aww, thanks, Shelbs!


    Congrats! It was by far my favorite tree. Actually, I think I'll just go and review my tree a bit, it's been abandoned for months...

    Any new language you plan on learning now? :)


    Thanks, Marta! It was pretty fantastic.

    I plan on continuing to study Turkish, and to work on Polish! :D


    Good luck with it, Turkish is really worth all the time you can give it :) And... Powodzenia! Mam nadzieję, że spodoba Ci się polski ;)


    Thank you! :D // Dziękuję!


    How will you continue to improve your Turkish? :)


    I will continue to practice with the tree, for starters. But I also plan on watching videos in Turkish, getting a grammar book and a dictionary, and working on my reading skills. :)


    Tebrik ederim!


    Teşekkür ederim!


    Teşekkür ederim, Jay! :D


    Tebrikler! İyi ki Duolingo'ya döndün :) Hala Farsça öğreniyor musun?


    Teşekkür ederim! Hayır, öğreniyorum Polonya.


    Wow your turkish is really very well

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