"Я всю ночь хотел пить."

Translation:I wanted to drink all night.

December 10, 2015

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Oh my God, of course this shows up in the section about college!! O_O


In more idiomatic English "I was thirsty". So nope, no homour here in Russian.

Though, with "Мне хотелось выпить" it would be a different story.


So does this mean that he wanted to drink for the whole night? Or was thirsty and unable to drink up until now?


Usually it means that he was getting up repeatedly during the night and drank water.


I translated it, "I wanted to drink all night" with NerysGhemor's interpretation. They accepted it, but based on what you have said that is not a good translation. It would be clearer as, "All night I wanted to drink." My original translation would be read by most English speakers as a person who wanted to party all night long. : ) This is where translation must take into consideration cultural perceptions, I guess.


From the English standpoint, we have an adverb and two verbs to which it it might apply: all night want or all night drink. I generally chose the closer verb unless it would not make sense. Hence, my translation was "All night I wanted to drink." If the Russian had been "Я хотел пить всю ночь", then I would have put "all night" at the end even though вы- is missing.


Done that :)


Got the t-shirt!


why is it всю? is it acc case?


It is. Time expressions with the meaning "the entire . . . " use Accusative: весь день, всю ночь, всю неделю, весь месяц, весь год, всю жизнь, весь семестр, весь квартал, всё лето, всю зиму etc. Note how the Accusative is the same as the Nominative for masculine and neuter nouns here (as expected, since all of them are inanimate nouns).


And how would you say i wanted to drink everything during the night?


I'm assuming, "Я хотел всё пить ночю."


Such is life in Moscow.


is this in the meaning i wanted to be drinking the whole night, or Iwas thirsty the whole night, or it can't be said?


In this case it means "All night long I wanted to drink". If you wanted to say "I want to drink all night long" then it will be "Я хотел пить всю ночь", though this sentence still might mean "All night long I wanted to drink".


Does that mean "I was thirsty the whole night" or rather "I was planning to (drink for the whole night)"?


Think of it this way. I am having surgery tomorrow and have been told, "Nothing to eat or drink after midnight."

So all night long I wanted a drink :-)


Umm..in America the translation would mean 'I wanted to drink ALCOHOL all night'. LOL even if you wrote 'All night I wanted to drink' somebody might still think you wanted to drink alcohol.

I know this means 'I was thirsty all night' in Russian though.


I thought целый would be used here, and that весь would mean "every. " How would you say "I wanted to drink every night. "


maybe каждую ночь?


Мне хотелось выпить каждую ночь or Каждую ночь мне хотелось выпить (it means alcohol)


all night I was thirsty, is also correct. я хочу пить means I am thirsty


can i tell "i wanted to drink whole night"?


Can you use весь here? Спасибо!


Yes, i thought it meant drinking alcohol specially when you think about how well spread vodka is in Russia


Finally! A sentence I can use in my every day life.


... but I had to go to school the next day

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