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Day Of The Spammers...STOP!

Most of the spam I see on Duolingo is asking for lingots. Earn them yourself! People who ask for lingots are obviously not using Duolingo for its main purpose: learning languages! When you do lessons as you're supposed to do you earn lingots, and plenty of them!

December 10, 2015



I agree. There has been a lot of spam lately, however, this is considered spam also. :)

[deactivated user]

    Yeah. The discussion section looks so annoying because of them.


    I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE JUST CONSTANTLY BEGGING FOR LINGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {@style=color:hotpink}


    Yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! {@style=color:goldenrod;} I agree .


    {@ style = color: lime}And... the prize for MOST ACCURATE POST goes to...

    <h1>{@ style = color: crimson}YOU.</h1>

    {@ style = color: olive}canned applause

    But it looks like the demand is sort of backfiring on you, as this is also considered spam. Bummer.


    Yeah, but it is still language related, is it not?


    Um... not really. But it IS Duolingo related, so... does that count?


    Can I have a lingot

    Just kidding, I like your post :D

    You win a lingot, too

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