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  5. "Mężczyzna je."

"Mężczyzna je."

Translation:A man is eating.

December 10, 2015



these combinations of letters just screws with my head lol


męż + czy + zna: the first one comes from old Polish mąż, now only meaning "husband"; the second is the conjunction czy = 'whether' or 'if' or the particle that starts a question; the third one means "knows".

mężczyzna = husband + whether + knows = whether the husband knows :-) This is the question!

I hope this will help you memorize the word.


That's fascinating. It's also interesting comparing western Slavic to eastern, like how you have męż = муж, and mężczyzna = мужчина. I wonder if the latter can be decomposed to the same afflix words as well.


hey, native Poles have a problem with this one - please, don't discourage learners ;P


I think MAN (without an article) would be good ass well?


"Man eating" or "Man is eating" are both incorrect and sound unnatural. Polish people don't use the article the same we English speakers do, and the point is that you have to get used to this.


Had the same issue, maybe add the article to the drop down translation?


I think, i don't know if I am right but, its pronunciation is Nężczyzna je not Mężczyzna je.


It should be (and as I hear is) pronounced just as it's written - with M.


The letter N makes the "n" sound in polish and english. The letter M sounds makes the "m" sound in polish and english.

[deactivated user]

    M is M. This is not the most difficult letter of Polish :P


    how do you understand the tones?


    It does not sound like these words to me


    I wrote EXACTLY what it said but said it was wrong


    It took forever for it to make sure I did it right and it said I finally did it right and I they exact same thing the others time.

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