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Polish Keyboard on PC

I can't speak to a Mac user, but I use a PC and I can choose a Polish keyboard through the control panel. From there, click on "Clock, Language and Region". You would choose the "change keyboard" option. This brings you to a dialog box.

In the dialog box, you will need to "add" a keyboard. You can choose from hundreds of keyboard, but the choices are alphabetical by language. When you get to P for Polish, you should choose the keyboard for "Polish Programmers". Man, this keyboard is almost like the American keyboard. The layout is the same, unlike Spanish or French. All you need to do is press down on the "alt" key to the right of the space bar. If you press this alt key with the letter needing a diacritical mark, it will work effortlessly.

You can toggle between the English and Polish keyboard by using the shortcut, left hand side alt and shift.

I just toggled and now I can type the following diacriticals using right side alt:ą,ę,ó,ż,ć,ś. The incredible ź, different from ż, requires right alt with x.

If you have any questions, post them here. I hope that I have been a help.

December 11, 2015



The mistake i kept making was that i pressed the ALT buton on the left side of the keyboard.

I appreciate this explanation, Dziękuję!


This only works if I use right-alt{@style=color:Red}, ąę but not left-alt?

by diacriticals you mean these? óżćś żź .... left alt doesn't give me anything.


I could only use right alt. Maybe you can use left alt with a letter and I am wrong? Let me know if left alt works for diacriticals. Thanks for sharing.


[any ctrl] + [left alt] works like [right alt], so [ctrl] + [left alt] + a = ą

Also you can have grand letters by pressing [shift] + [right alt] + letter or [shift] + [ctrl] + [left alt] + letter.

[shift] + [right alt] + a = [shift] + [ctrl] + [left alt] + a = Ą


Mogę pisać z ctrl i left alt. Bardzo dziękuję. Nie wiedziałem, że był możliwe.


Hi. "Nie wiedziałem, że to jest możliwe". You have to use "to" (it), also second part of sentence is about present, so you should use present tense.


You could also hold shift and ` (upper left corner of the keyboard, left of the numbers) and then press one of the keys. That's how I first figured it out. But it's a good thing you told me about using the right-alt key, that sounds easier.


It does seem easier by using just one key, the right alt versus the two keys on the left side. Nonetheless, it is good to know about the options.


I do Duolingo Polish on any of three platforms available to me. My I-Mac computer works best and has all the diacritic characters although the diacritical a is only available on the screen, not the keyboard. I like to use the Duolingo app on my I pad because of its mobility but it doesn’t have the diacritical a. My I phone is most interesting because it allows a Polish keyboard which enables Polish spell check. Don’t know why an app is missing a character.


On macOS go to Keyboard settings -> Input Sources -> click "+" on the bottom right and find "Polish - Pro" to get the same layout.

Btw, I recommend using programmers layout even if you're not a programmer, because it matches the US layout better and it's much easier to find letters with diacritics.

Use the RIGHT option (alt) key to access ą, ę, ó, ł, etc. Note that you can't use LEFT ctrl + LEFT alt for this, unlike on Windows.


The diacritical a is not available using the app for an iPad.


For myself, I use the program AX.EXE, available from http://vulpeculox.net/ax/

This is PC Windows only, and some virus checkers/other security systems object violently. I find it invaluable for German, Polish, Hungarian, et al.....

EDIT: March 26th, 2020. I am now 'resting' my Duo Hungarian lessons as the conference I had been planning to attend has now, of course, been cancelled :-( .


Are there any real polish keyboards that have the letters on seperate keys? I have a german keyboard I could even put for example ę ą there where is ä, ö ,ü Because I have extra keys that english keyboards do not have.


Try the Polish (214) layout. I don't know anybody who actually uses it in Poland, but it seems to be the perfect fit for you, as it's a QWERTZ with Polish letters on separate keys.


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