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  5. "Koszula i sukienka"

"Koszula i sukienka"

Translation:A shirt and a dress

December 11, 2015



Is it wrong to say 'shirt and dress'. I always thought Polish nouns were like the other Slavic languages where it can be 'a thing' 'the thing' or 'thing'.


Depends on the context. "Shirt and dress" as an independent sentence sounds a bit weird in English.


A lot of things Duo accepts sound weird in English without context. I just thought as the other two Slavic courses accept it that it was a bit odd that Polish didn't unless there is some stronger differentiation in Polish that I wasn't aware of.


You can always report your answers. That's what I have to do constantly on courses fresh into Beta.


Yes, I know. Before reporting dozens (and getting dozens wrong), I wanted to know if it was a pattern that they chose. It may well be that they just have stronger feelings about it than the Ukrainian and Russian teams.


From the Tips & Notes in Basics 1: "Articles

Polish does not have any articles. Nonetheless, when translating from Polish, you have to remember to form correct English sentences. It is not acceptable to skip articles if it results in the English sentence being ungrammatical – “he is boy” is not going to be accepted."


Sorry, I didn't read the notes on the basics as I'd already studied some Polish a few years ago. I get that 'He is boy' should not be written, whereas just having two English nouns connected by a word like 'and' isn't wrong even if it might feel weird without context, so should that be accepted then?


Technically, if you're just saying the words, then yes, but not if you're trying to form a sentence. Perhaps "shirt and dress" should be accepted.


What was he wearing? Jacket and trousers. What was she wearing? Shirt and dress.

It's perfectly normal English. It's not a sentence as there's no verb (but there's no verb in Polish either).


Actually...it sounds weird to say jacket and trousers as a response. One would say a jacket and trousers.

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