"Jem pomidora."

Translation:I eat a tomato.

December 11, 2015

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Actually this is an exception. Its not that "pomidor" is being used as an inanimated object but rather that its been declined as an animated being. Thats why, for example, we say "Kupiłem wazon". We do not say "wazona". Pomidor is declined as kot "lubię kota". The same happends with some foreign words like szampan or mercedes. "Piję szampana" or "lubię mercedesa" even though they are not animated.


What does "kupiłem wazon" mean?


What does "kupiłem wazon" mean?

"I bought a vase."


Why is the genitive case used here instead of the accusative?


In this word, the Accusative and the Genitive forms are the same :)

I'm eating a tomato – Jem pomidora (Acc.)

I don't see a tomato – Nie widzę pomidora (Gen.)


Dziękuję! When I looked it up, the website I saw said that the accusative was pomidor, so I got confused. Thanks for clearing it up!


Why does the verb to see take the genitive? Is the genitive not just for Possession in Polish?


This is a quirk of Polish - sentences that take the accusative take the genitive when negated. Since this is NIE widzę ... the object takes the genitive.


In this case, genitive is not used. "Pomidor" is considered an animate noun, and that is why it takes the ending of "a" in accusative.


Why is it considered animate? It's hard to know what is what since it's not logical based on actual state of animation.


for some reason, many food related (countable) nouns are animated.

Also read below DorotaSiec wrote a great answer.


banan, pomidor, kalafior, grzyb, ziemniak, i tak dalej

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    Why isn't it "pomidor"? It's not an animated noun, is it?


    All fruit and vegetables are considered animated nouns (except: czosnek and groszek), so we say: jem banana, kup ogórka. The other groups of words that have an ending -a in accusative although they are not animates are (of course we say only about masculine nouns): - meat and fish (jem kurczaka, tuńczyka) - small food (jem pączka, hamburgera, loda, lizaka) - games (gram w tenisa, golfa) - dances (tańczę walca) - currencies (mam jednego dolara, funta) - brands (mam Opla, Mercedesa, Samsunga) - and "new technology (only in spoken language - it is not acceptable in dictionaries but people do say so) - mam facebooka, tweetera, piszę smsa, maila.


    Thanks. Very complete explanation


    If "jem pomidor" is technically correct it should be accepted. My school teaches this 'correct' form.


    Yes, it is an accepted option.


    Mam farta/pecha. (I am lucky/unlucky) Examples of inanimate nouns treated as if they were animate.

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