"I am a father."

Translation:Jestem ojcem.

December 11, 2015

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Jestem twój ojcem! Nieeeeeeeeee!!!


Jestem twoim ojcem, Łukaszu


Pierwsza myśl: Darth Vader XD


having trouble distinguishing between the use of tata and ojcem... I am a father, I am a dad...can't ever seem to choose the right one, or see the difference or when to use which...Of course, father is more correct and Dad is more colloquial/personal, but ...there must be a trick somewhere...and I suppose the same would apply to Mum and mother. Sigh....


It is called the sixth sense...

There is a simple trick here... The word "father" is used in formal or informal situations, so both are correct: the formal "ojciec" or the less formal "tato".

The phrase "I am a father" is associated with the official, formal, legal subject of "patternity" (ojcostwo), that is why the formal word "ojciec" is used here.

Two questions "Who is your father" (Kto jest twoim ojcem?) and "Who is your daddy" (Kim jest twój tatuś?) have definitely different connotations.

The word "matka" (mother) is very, very formal. It is used predominantly in official documents (birth certificates, court documents, police records) and rarely in spoken language. It even sounds rude to call any mother "matka" outside of any office. The word "mama" (mother/mom) is rather used.


It said: 'pay attention to the accents'...which ones?

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