"Twoje dziecko pije mleko."

Translation:Your child is drinking milk.

December 11, 2015



I'm confused about when to use twoje and nasze? Is there a rule or are they interchangable?

August 27, 2018


I believe you wanted to compare "twoje" and "wasze", because "nasze" means "our", so it's definitely a different thing.

So "twoje" is singular 'your', and "wasze" is plural 'your'. So basically it's just a matter of who you are talking to/referring to.

For example even if you're talking to your friend John, you may say "twoje dziecko", having just him in mind, or you may say "wasze dziecko", treating it like "your wife's and yours child". If you're talking to both parents, you really should say "wasze dziecko".

August 28, 2018


Thanks so much! That was the explanation I needed!

August 28, 2018


The 'p' in 'pije' is cut off in the slow form of the audio. Not sure if this can be fixed, but it makes it sound like 'je'.

December 11, 2015


It sounds fine to me

December 11, 2015


It sounds correct

December 13, 2015


It seems a tongue- twister.

December 4, 2016
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