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"Какая у тебя температура сейчас?"

Translation:What is your temperature now?

December 11, 2015



Why "what temperature do you have now" is wrong ?


In English they both make perfect sense. I see no reason it can't be both.


after three years still not accepted ..


"What is your current temperature" should be fine


"What is your temperature right now" should be accepted.


Is there an implied "есть" after "тебя"? Can there be?


You can put this implied "есть" wherever you want: it would be awkward in any position here. It is implied in such sentences indeed, but more often missed. In "У меня есть температура" it is fine, in "У тебя есть температура сейчас?" even almost obligatory (it can be in any position). I don't know the formalized rule.


How about: "Kakaya u tebya temperatura teper'"? Does this other version of "now" work?


Сейчас is like на данный момент - at this specific time. Фильм начинается через 30 минут, давайте сейчас в кино поедем. The movie starts in thirty minutes, let's go to the movies now. Нам не понравился фильм, а теперь мы никогда не будем смотреть фильмы такого жанра. We didn't like the movie, and now we're never going to watch that genre again.


I could be wrong, I think that would imply contrast with another point in time; e.g. you'd use it if you were checking temperature every few minutes.


теперь is like saying "from now on" or at least a significant amount of time. Maybe it would make sense in the sentence "I was sick with a fever for weeks but now my temperature is normal".


Why do we use у here? To me, it seems like I am calling "you" and asking "Hey, what's the temperature at your place?"


У тебя = you have. Direct translation would be more like "at yours", "at your disposal" (locative+possessive prep. "у" and "тебя"="you" in Genitive).


Can you say "какая твоя температура" instead of "какая у теба температура"?


температура sounds like 'chinpira Tura' to me. 'chinpira' in my language, Japanese, means gangs.


Can we say "Что сейчас твоя температура?" Why is какая preferred over что?


что when the object is not defined. какой when asking about the defined object, in this case, the temperature, which would be какая.


how flexible is the placement of сейчас in this example?


I think "at the moment" instead of "now" should have been accepted, too.


I've heard my Russian friend use this phrase to ask what the temperature was like where I was at the time like "what's the temperature over there where you are," but since this lesson is about the body and stuff, I was wondering if you'd also use this phrase to ask what someone's temperature was in like a medical sense, like if they had a fever or not. Would you use the same phrase for either one?


I was wondering if you'd also use this phrase to ask what someone's temperature was in like a medical sense

Yes, and that's most likely the meaning they had in mind when they wrote this sentence. In fact that's the first meaning that comes to mind when I read this sentence. Though this being a question about the weather is possible as well.


Can you say "какая твоя температура сейчас"?


"What is your temperature right now?" I don't see what's wrong with that...


As температура also seems to be used for a fever (as we do in English) how would you say "how's your fever now?" -- and how would that be different from this sentence?

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