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"Kobieta je chleb i pije wodę."

Translation:A woman is eating bread and drinking water.

December 11, 2015



I noticed that the dialects are very closely similar to Ukrainian and Russian. Because they say bread (chleb) nearly the exact same way (but with different keyboards and spelling).


Ukrainian is actually a merge of Polish and Russian, as the Ukrainians, in the old times, were the inhabitants of the border territories of Poland and Russia, where a lot of escapees, like serfs, would settle down and organize themselves. They came from all sides, so yea, here you have it.


It's the speed of her voice that is throwing me out.


It's not just you! She sounds like an auctioneer about to run out of air! Ridiculous!


Actually Polish is quite similar to Russian!


It would be nice to have control over the speed the sentence goes by. This one blasts past so fast, I could swear she's not even saying bread at all!


Agreed! I heard "chleb i pee pee wodę" XD


I disagreed, I am native polish speaker and I heard Piję


Because you're native. I'm native too, but I understand why it would be difficult to hear her correctly with this speed


Do you not have access to the turtle speed?


"woman is eating bread and drinking water." should also be correct. Article here (A woman, or The woman) are both correct.


In the notes they say they want an article in the English translation even if Polish doesn't have one. So you can basically choose whichever article you wish in these early lessons.


English requires the use of an article here. What you have written is never correct, though the Polish could express either "A woman (etc.)" or "The woman (etc.)"


Thank you all for putting so much hard work in. I can't wait till the mobile edition comes out :).


this language would require a new keyboard on mobile, jeez


You can actually install languages in your smartphone keyboard setup


I am getting confused. When do you use accusative and instrumental


Refre to one user's explanation here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12252841 (z kim? z czym? means "with whom? with what?" - those questions asked before the noun you are about to use help to decide and remember when we use particular cases)


Польский язык очень сильно похож на мой родной Русский язык xD


This is so wrong and I wanted improve my polish and english but I know enough to say this is so wrong and its not just this. There is wrong even the small detail.


Would you give an example of what is wrong, or are you just complaining without any proof?


... I wanted to improve my Polish ... and it's not just this ... There are mistakes even in the small details.

Your turn!

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