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Weird thing where Polish was on mobile

So I open up the Duolingo app and it doesn't show the "sorry, your current language isn't on mobile yet" thing but I see the whole tree and Polish is at the top. I was confused but I didn't care because why would I want it to go away?! So I start a lesson and BOOM the "sorry, blah blah blah" message comes up. I'm confused yet excited! Why is this happening!

EDIT: I opened up the app again the tree is clearly there with the "are you a beginner or not" thing but the "sorry, unsupported language" message came up. What is going on?!

December 11, 2015



This happens when Duo hasn't officially put the language on the app yet. You can only open the app and after a few seconds it won't let you learn Polish on the app. In a while, there will be an update and Polish will be on the app, but even Russian isn't on the app yet.

[deactivated user]

    Yes. Duolingo takes time in releasing the new languages on app. I've noticed same in case of Norwegian, Esperanto and Ukrainian.


    Yeah I know it was just weird


    You can still use Duolingo on the web browser of your mobile device. I did the placement test last night on my iPad.

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