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  5. "Вона п'є чай з цукром."

"Вона п'є чай з цукром."

Translation:She drinks tea with sugar.

December 11, 2015



How is з pronounced?


I think its equivalent to the english 'Z'


Why is чай always translated to tea in this course? Isn't Чай a specific type of tea?

[deactivated user]

    No, «чай» is the most common word for 'tea' in Ukrainian, both for the plant and for the drink (including similar beverages made from other plants):

    • зеле́ний чай 'green tea',
    • чо́рний чай 'black tea',
    • травʼяни́й чай 'herbal tea',
    • ли́повий чай 'linden tea',
    • кита́йський чай 'Chinese tea',
    • англі́йський чай 'English tea',
    • чай Ерл Грей 'Earl Grey tea',
    • чай улу́н 'Oolong tea',
    • холо́дний чай 'iced tea'.

    Wikipedia has an interesting article about how tea is named throughout the world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etymology_of_tea


    What about Chai tea? Чай чай? :P

    [deactivated user]

      «Чай маса́ла» or «маса́ла-чай». But it's not very popular in Ukraine.


      Does Масала means "White(color)"!?

      [deactivated user]

        No, маса́ла are Indian spices that are added to the Chai tea.

        'White' is бі́лий. Білий чай 'white tea' also exists, but it's a different kind of tea.

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