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  5. "She drinks tea with sugar."

"She drinks tea with sugar."

Translation:Вона п'є чай з цукром.

December 11, 2015



I can hardly hear the з before цукром. Is this how it's supposed to sound? Or was this a mistake with the recording?


It sounds as if she said "с цукром".

That happens because "ц" is voiceless (you can say it while whispering and it would sound the same) and "з" is voiced (try whispering it and you will obtain "с"). It requires a lot of effort to say "з ц" in a row, try it, a lot of throat spasms :) So "з" becomes naturally "damped", "muffled" and turned into "с".

A similar effect would occur with "з тобою" (with you) -- "с тобою" when speaking.


I'm confused about the spelling of цукром. In the previous listening exercise I spelled it wrongly: сикром and to my surprise, as I doubted this was correct, that spelling was accepted. Are both acceptable?


Oh interesting! No, сикром is definitely not a word. Maybe it was accepted as a typo?

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