"One jedzą ciasteczka."

Translation:They are eating cookies.

December 11, 2015

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"One" should be "the women" or "those women" or something similar rather than "they" since "One" only applies to a group of woman.


"One" applies to a feminine group? but there are other feminine words besides women, couldn't they be girls? This is the feminine version of the pronoun "they", you cannot replace that with something more specific. Sorry when we translate to English that information (that they is feminine) is simply lost, just as when we translate the many forms of "you" from another language and they all become simply "you". In English, that information was just not considered important enough to keep separate pronouns to distinguish between. (Once upon a time we used to have the singular "thou" as well as the plural and formal "you", but now we just say "you".) Scroll all the way down because "one" is also used for animals and things and "oni" can only be used for people with at least one male person in the group: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pl/Basics-2


you are right the correct rule would be: if at leas one male is in the group use "oni", otherwise use "one"


Why does it expect the word cookies? In standard english the word is biscuits, not cookies, which is an American word. Why is it not clever enough to allow both?


It allows both, but the American English is usually in the main translation as Duolingo is an American company.


When do you use oni, when one?


"oni" means that there is at least one man among "them".

"one" means that "they" are only women.


"They eat a cookie." Was marked as wrong. Couldn't that be used too?


No, there are plural cookies in the Polish sentence.


And how should look the singular form?

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Singular is "ciasteczko": http://sgjp.pl/leksemy/#11092/ciasteczko

In order to find all the forms of any word, you can use http://sgjp.pl/leksemy/ - if you write any form of a Polish word in the search field, you can get all the forms thereof, sometimes various depending on variants of meaning of that word. But this dictionary gives only forms of a word, sometimes with just a very short note on the meaning - you often need to use another dictionary to check the meaning, e.g. https://sjp.pwn.pl/ or https://wsjp.pl/


Is jedzą pronounced as jenzą in rapid speech?


I hear "onneh yenzong chastetchka"


Hm, sadly I hear it too.

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