"You are walking."

Translation:Wy idziecie.

December 11, 2015

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Why don't you accept ty chodzisz? To my knoledge, ty idziesz means you are going somewhere not just walking. For instance, I am walking for pleasure would rather be translated to chodzę dla przyjemności than to idę dla przyjemności


I agree. There are some inconsistencies so far, but I think it's because the course is in beta. These things should be reported and will improve


As far as I understood: Iść is to be walking in present progressive, while chodzić is to walk in present simple. You may say 'Idę teraz do domu', and 'Chodzę do szkoły codziennie', but not vice versa.


I think chodzić is to walk out of custom (so 'you walk to the shops') whilst iść is just straight forward to walk (so 'you are walking to the shops'). At least that was my understanding, I may be barking up the wrong tree.


To oznacza 'spacerujesz' 'chodzisz' 'chodzicie' i 'spacerujecie'


spacerujesz, chodzisz, idziesz - are about one person (singular you)

spacerujecie, chodzicie, idziecie- are about more people (plural you)

iść - is to go/walk right now in a specific direction

chodzić- is go/walk in general, usually or about having ability to walk or to walk/ pace without direction

spacerować is to go for a walk/ to stroll


means " Wy spacerujecie "


Possible. Added.


The help on the words suggested jestes idziesz but then said it was wrong?


If copying the upper hints word for word produced the correct answer every time, these exercises would be too easy.

There are no compound tenses in the Polish present tense. 'Jesteś idziesz' means what it means literally: 'you are you walk' which doesn't make any sense. 'You are walking' simply translates to 'idziesz'.


Can I put here "spacerujesz/cie"?


Yes, those are accepted as well. But technically that's more like "You are strolling" or "You are taking a walk". I believe that "spacerować" is like Russian гулять.

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