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  5. "On ma ciasteczka."

"On ma ciasteczka."

Translation:He has cookies.

December 11, 2015



Ciasteczka is actually singular, isn't it? Would the plural then be ciasteczki?


Ciasteczka is plural, singular is ciasteczko.


Thank you!

What kind of words do end on -a in plural then? Since it is dziecko - dzieci it can't only be because of the singular word ending on -o?


dzieci is an exception.

Plural ending -a is used for singular neuter words ending in -o, -e and -um (the latter being Latin loanwords).


At declension you can click on "show" to see all the forms of this noun by number and case. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ciasteczko#Polish

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The male voice sounds like “ona” rather than “on”?


Sounds kinda like "one" to me... I disabled the audio exercises, but there's not much more I can do.

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It can't be “one” because of the subject-verb agreement.


Yes, of course. But it does sound like that (even to me, and I say 'Sounds fine to me' to 9/10 similar comments), and that shouldn't happen, so at least no one will get the 'type what you hear' exercise.


I hear "on ma" pronounced more like "onma".


Well, they're close to each other, but I wouldn't say they're so 'glued'... plus in natural, rapid speech word tend to sound that way sometimes.


Is there a way to remember the difference between cookie and cake? I always get confused between the two.


In Polish, the two are related by adding diminutives. "Ciastko" (cupcake, roughly) is a diminutive form of "ciasto" (cake), and "ciasteczko" (cookie) adds yet another diminutive. Perhaps that will help.


Double diminutive. Wow


why was 'he has some biscuits' marked wrong? How in Polish can you differentiate between 'he has biscuits' and 'he has the biscuits', which obviously have different meanings in English?


We don't. Or you can interpret 'the' as 'these' (these biscutits that we talked about earlier) and translate it to "te ciastkeczka/ciastka".

'some'... I guess it's acceptable, but technically it's "trochę ciasteczek/ciastek". Added anyway.


Please could biscuits be called biscuits and not cookies. I don’t really know what cookies are. Are they just biscuits or do they include buns and cupcakes too? And it’s not a nice word or pleasant word to use. Why use an Americanism? Please could people be able to use Ordinary English and have to only use American variations. So, biscuits please, not cookies.

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