Russian Films to Stream

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What Russian films are available on Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus, etc?

I figured we could list the ones we have found.

3 years ago

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Mosfilm has a bunch of movies on their youtube channel. Some even have English subs. I haven't looked through all of them, but I think it's mostly Soviet-era films.

3 years ago

This is my favorite movie ever, its an amazing Russian movie, so modern, great looking actors. YouTube is full of them. Enjoy!

Type Russian movies with English subtitles.

3 years ago
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Amazon Prime has a decent selection of Zvyagintsev's films:
The Return - also available on Netflix.
Leviathan - although this one requires a Starz subscription.

Netflix has a few films by Tarkovsky:
Solaris - also on Hulu.
The Mirror.

And a nice film by Lungin:
The Island.

3 years ago

You can find many Russian movies available for streaming on the Russian Facebook:

Good to make an account if you ever plan to befriend Russian people.

3 years ago
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